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          “The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.” – Pierre de Coubertin



          Recognizing the profound depth and wisdom in the teaching of the great educator and visionary, founder of the Modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, we are committed to educating students in the spirit of the Olympic values -​​ striving for excellence, friendship and respect. We hold true that it is these particular values which will enable our students to become well-respected people actively contributing to their community, with a real chance to succeed in life.



          Striving for Excellence

          Born of its history, our gymnasium and its accomplished and dedicated teachers continue to provide a world-class education. Respecting our students´ individual talents, we build on their strength by supplying them with skills, strategies and attractive opportunities so they can fully explore their potential and let their talents flourish. Guided and supported by our exceptional faculty, our students are encouraged to experience the pure joy of effort as they become the best they can be. Though we focus mainly on individual progress, the more competitive students do measure their strength in various national and international knowledge, talent and sports competitions and we are proud of their many successes.  

          Through our engagement in public matters and extensive volunteering programmes, we also provide our students with many unique opportunities for their personal development and involvement in public affairs, as we aim to benefit local, continental and global communities. To this end, we work in partnership with public, private and not-for-profit organisations and our alumni. We maintain that personal achievement becomes more meaningful when it contributes to the common good.


          We fully realise that if we wish for our students to contribute meaningfully to the community, we first need to help them build a sense of unity and belonging. Therefore, we create opportunities for our students to cooperate and build friendships during numerous informal sporting and social activities at various school events and via participation in international programmes. This encourages them to grow into cooperative, helpful, tolerant and compassionate people, able to form long-lasting relationships with their peers, as well as with people from other cultures and generations.


          These quality relationships of course would not be possible without respect: respect for authority, respect for other students and the local community, respect for our own country, as well as respect of other cultures. We find it essential to model this form of behaviour and provide an abundance of opportunities for our students to practice during organized school events, foreign exchange stays, international programmes and activities, as well as various knowledge and talent competitions.

          As people are the foundation of the gymnasium´s success, we are committed to attracting, recruiting and supporting talented individuals and providing encouragement of respectful relationships, creating a welcoming and stimulating environment that allows the talents of both our students and staff to flourish.

          We are glad that we are not alone in professing and instilling these values ​​in our students, but are supported by an entire network of schools with a similar philosophy. We have been a proud member of the Pierre de Coubertin International School Network since 2003 and work closely with national Olympic organizations such as the Slovak Olympic Academy and the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee. We are also honoured to be part of the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme, whose values of respect for human dignity, human rights and equality complement those of our Olympic community.


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